DJ Profile
downtempo music online from Subsonic Temple on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dj_subsonic
Location: San Francisco, CA

Subsonic Temple is your sanctuary of sound, a place to share the good music being created out there by both the known and unknown. Subsonic Temple is brought to you by tha Dub Ninja and tha Boss Docta, karate-chop action to fix what's makin ya ill!
Favorite Artists

Bob Marley
Timeless social conscious uprising grooves

Natacha Atlas
Funky triphop grooves fused with middle eastern rhythms and lyrics done to perfection. Wow...

Thievery Corporation
Masters of the Downtempo Genre

PNFA's deep grooving drum & bass sounds are what drew me into this genre. One the greatest underground artists I have heard.

LTJ Bukem
LTJ & crew have blended jazz & drum N Bass like none other. Whether slow downtempo grooves or heart stomping pressure mixes, LTJ is a master at his craft!

Favorite Albums

Jill Scott - Words & Sounds Vol 1
Classic for the new millenia. Lyrically tight and musically kickin'!!

Govinda - Worlds Within
Some of the Funkiest & Smoothest World Music on the Planet

Bob Marley - Legend
A Classic which highlights some of the best reggae ever created,

Favorite Broadcasters