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neo-soul music online from Behind The Groove Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Black Reign
Location: New Haven, CT

D.J. Music Producer, Radio Host, Blogger and Most importantly, A Fan. I've been on this ride officially since Feb. 1986, but to be real, I was born with that desire. I've watch the changes for the good and bad in music. My job is to preserve "Good Music". I wanna reach back in time when "Grown Folk" really meant grown folk music. Soul music is not dead. Its lied dormant and is ready to make its return. So many great singers and artist dont get the proper exposure in mainstream radio. The corporate world has made music a money-making venture instead of what it was meant to be, food to the soul. Well internet-radio world, We have arrived. The Revolution has begun and it will be televised. There are 70,000 stations here, but only one like this.Welcome to my world, The grown folk world.....Behind The Groove Radio.....What would the world be without a Song??