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DJ: DJCaladia
Location: Las Vegas, NV

I am a lover of meaningful music and through the years I've collected many songs that I think are just darn awesome!!! I spend most of my time over-the-road as a solo truck driver in the U.S. and that gives me lots of time to take in and bond with artists and their songs. And here I am now to share with you my unique findings!!! Also, check out my blog at!!! :)
Favorite Artists

Rush is my favorite rock group!!! I love their lyrics and the fact that they are always evolving!!!

Nightwish introduced me to Symphonic Metal and they are all around outstanding!!! Metallica seems just plain boring these days!!! LOL

This is symphonic metal with philosophical lyrics and a beautiful gothic feel. Super powerful stuff!!!

Symphonic metal with philosophical and uplifting message. I find them very inspiring!!!

Favorite Broadcasters

Epic Rock Radio is a power creation that I find wonderful!!!

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