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About Dj ConWELL

I'm now on MYSPACE!!!

I love ElectroPOP, and just about any music done with computers and synthesizers. I'm into creating music... original, replications,commercial, and remixing. Our band REFORM is an electropop collaboration between myself and Kevin Martyn. We are looking for a male vocalist/frontman. Let me know if this is you.

Currently looking for a REMIXING job... In a band and need a song remixed? Then I can help you out. Email me @

I feature remixes on this station periodically...the current one being "I FEEL LOVED" by Depeche Mode. I've been told that its better than the original version from the un-EXCITER album.

I also am a collector of SynthPOP... have a decent amount of vinyl and cd's, and that's why I decided to create this station... to put these precious cd's to work.

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I'm now on MYSPACE!!!

"It's a shame that radio stations & record companies don't invest & play this music anymore when there are millions of die hard consumers still buying cd's, and tickets to sold out shows across the world...
Your probably thinking this statement doesn't make sense... But many of these bands are selling on their own minus the Major Labels. Good for these bands, but this doesn't generate exposure for new artists and weakens the scene!" - DjConWELL

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