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new wave music online from theMODE on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

YAHOO: dj_conwell
I'm now on MYSPACE!!!

I love ElectroPOP, and just about any music done with computers and synthesizers. I'm into creating music... original, replications,commercial, and remixing. Our band REFORM is an electropop collaboration between myself and Kevin Martyn. We are looking for a male vocalist/frontman. Let me know if this is you.

Currently looking for a REMIXING job... In a band and need a song remixed? Then I can help you out. Email me @

I feature remixes on this station periodically...the current one being "I FEEL LOVED" by Depeche Mode. I've been told that its better than the original version from the un-EXCITER album.

I also am a collector of SynthPOP... have a decent amount of vinyl and cd's, and that's why I decided to create this station... to put these precious cd's to work.
Favorite Artists

Most heavy influenced by this band, because of their darkness, mood, and great sound design and quality of their work vocally and instrumentaly.

Depeche Mode
Main staple in my diet of music... Originality and Longevity makes them one of my most beloved bands. "Playing the Angel" stomps all over Exciter

Red Flag
Dancier than most ElectroPOP bands... maybe because their more poppy and not affraid to dabble in major keys.

Pet Shop Boys
Mature Lyrics are choice and the fact that one can move their feet at home and down the street at the local club.

Probably the most intense vocal range i've heard anyone belt out in this scene... GO ANDY BELL! Also "Nightbird" is a stellar album than their previous two...

Favorite Albums

Camouflage - Sensor
What else do I need to say? Lyrically and Sonically its their best work to date. Just curious to how Sensor would have sounded if TOY (Same Guys that produced Depeche Mode's ULTRA) had finished producing the album? Anyone have a copy of TOY's production of Sensor?

Depeche Mode - Violator
Every Major Studio has this album onhand to do reference checks with thier current projects. Perhaps one of the best engineered electronic albums so far and of course its the bands masterpiece.