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This is our everything goes time on our station where the electronic songs we select, do not really have a purpose or reason; you may wonder, as to why they even are there !

About djcrazyjimmy

All you need in life is music. Everything else is just second best. There is nothing better than music. You can listen to very good music on my live 365 station here at live 365 (dot) com. I hope you enjoy my selection of electronic cuts here.

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My goal is to open your eyes to music. Enjoy this station it is the best cuts of electronic music regularly updated. Please interact send Requests to James@JamesMdwyer.com (subject) DJCRAZYJIMMY. Let me know what you like and may not like. This station is for you. Please provide me with information on what new songs you might want to hear I can add them to the rotation. make sure to tune in at different times of the day for some special shows to certain times of the day. We might throw in a hip hop set or rock set even a country set ever so often to change it up. Really ? Yes, most people now days like a little bit of everything.