DJ Profile
dream pop music online from DKFM Shoegaze / Dream Pop on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Decay FM
Location: Fresno, CA

Welcome to the WALL OF SOUND...
Favorite Albums

Be Forest - Cold
2011's Album of the Year for Dream Pop.

Pale Saints - In Ribbons
Always fresh.

My Bloody Valentine - Tremolo EP
Out of this world.

Medicine - The Buried Life
Right from the opening notes, you know you're in the presence of greatness.

Tears Run Rings - Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never
Who knew we were making great shoegaze again?

Favorite Broadcasters

When we're not listening to DKFM, we're probably listening to Vertigo.

Besides us, these fine folks keep their rotation fresh and updated all the time. Recommended!