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DJ: the majestic radio company
Location: Rutherford, NJ

The Majestic Radio Company, Inc. is a non-profit company based out of New Jersey. In 2012, our company began its remarkable journey inside a college dorm room at Felician College in Rutherford, NJ. Soon afterwards, thanks to strong support by our loyal listeners, Majestic Radio grew to new heights. We believe in presenting something new, unique and diverse to listeners around the world. Our goal is to present radio like never before with a diverse blend of music and creative on-air live programming. Here at Majestic Radio, you will find a whole new listening experience like never before. Our Mission Statement: The Majestic Radio Company, Inc. is a community based radio station that is publicly supported, airs a diverse selection of pop music, presents world wide news, and create an educational outreach. Reach us by visiting our official website!