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downtempo music online from nu:jazz lounge on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dj epiphany
Location: New York, NY

After building an extensive personal library of acid jazz, downtempo, and electronica/dance music, I created nu:jazz lounge because I didn't hear the genre on radio. As a true supreme being of leisure, I birthed this station for those of us who want to chillax and listen to soulchillbossagroove muzak in our own private space. Enjoy!
Favorite Artists

Blue Six
His mix of bossa nova, drumbeats, jazz and soul is brillant. Love him!

Michael Jackson
BEST EVER! Great Tenor, Ballads and Dance Tunes

This band keeps producing some of the best music in acid jazz.

They take it to a new level on every album

Bebel Gilberto
She is the BEST electro-bossa nova, nu:jazz diva on the scene. I call her the Brazilian Sade!

Favorite Albums

Blue Six - Beautiful Tomorrow
The best chill CD with soul

Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon
World Groove to the max!

Michael Jackson - Off The Wall
Best mix of soul chill bossa groove! My 1st LP

Incognito - Eleven
Best mix of acid jazz and nu soul

Aya - Strangeflower
Aya's voice is so soothing over great drum beats. A great CD for relaxation

Favorite Broadcasters

great music to get your groove on!

This is a wonderful smooth jazz station

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