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electronic/dance music online from REmiXed! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Jimmy B - Chicago
Location: Chicago, IL

I have always been a fan of music! I love all types of music… However I feel that dance music has always made me feel good inside and out! Living in Chicago is GREAT but finding all the dance music I loved was always somewhat of a challenge… You can go to the clubs and hear great DJ’s of course, but what about at home? Work? On the go etc… so I decided to start my own station right here on! I love playing my favorite music 24 hours a day for the world to enjoy! Since December 2006 Listeners have tuned in from over 180 countries and all of the U.S. All I ask from the people that check out the station is… If you do not like what you hear that is ok… has so many stations available. Please do not bash me and all the hard work I do to keep the station alive… For all my die-hard fans, PLEASE help spread the work about the station. Referrals from fans is the best possible way to show your support. I get emails, texts, phone calls etc always telling me how much they love the station and how can they help, so thanks for all your support! You guys ROCK!
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