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blues music online from Shag Boogie and Bop on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: djock
Location: Louisville, KY

I'm Ron Wallace from Louisville, Kentucky. I've been into blues music most all of my life,both as an entertainer and a DJ. I've been in the Shag and Bop scene since 1987. I've helped start two clubs, and helped to intoduce Shag and Bop music to the Louisville area. This show is dedicated to pure Beer Joint boogie dance music. Come on in to my "Beer Joint of the mind" and give it a try. Playlists available upon request
Favorite Artists

Kid Ramos
just a Rocker! always jumps the room

Big Joe and the Dynaflows
Hot!!! great jump and even some smooth dance stuff

William Clarke
Makes a room wake up!

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