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Shawn, Joni, Ricki, indies, and more. Over 250 songs by women. Great music to work to.

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Joni Mitchell first introduced me to the world of female artists. In college, I discoved Ricki Lee Jones as well as a world of folk, rock and blues. I was a DJ for my college radio show, both blues and rock. After college, I discovered the bass guitar, and rediscovered Ricki's first album which has great sassy bass lines. Woody and Dutch from her second album is my all time favorite Ricki song to play. I know this won't last forever, but it was a true moment when my 5-year-old daughter said that "Chuck E's in love" is her favorite song.

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"Sirens Songs" is a showcase for women singers from a variety of genres. Some you know; some you've probably never heard of. Sirens' songs is about mood and flow and in particular, music I can write and work to. Those songs capture many moments over the years and continue to bring me pleasure.