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britpop music online from *** Super Pop *** on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: san diego, CA

YAHOO: djtrixxx
I love to remix!! When i was a lil kid i heard my first remix of a Madonna song and was just so fascinated by the way it was recreated and brought to new life. I knew that i wanted to be a music manipulator when i grew up.
Favorite Artists

She's Madonna!! Need i say more??

Kelly Rowland
I love her recent stuff. She surprised me when she started working with other dj's and dance type producers. Love What a feeling.

Kylie Minogue
My guilty gay pleasure. Kylie makes anybody wanna get up and dance. even if you can't, you'll try secretly in your room with the door closed. Love that Kylie!

Fergie Ferg
She never dissapoints. Love her solo or in the black eyed peas.

One of the best female groups of all time! Even Kanye said so!