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DJ: Chris "DJ Vagabond" W.
Location: Bochum, DE, Germany

ICQ: 7192598
Addicted to Trance :-) A little bit about me, my Station and so. Well, i started Webcasting arround early Summer in 1999.When i visited Live365 first i owned there a Station called "Midnight Radio" with mixed Genres, mostly Dance Music. It's offline meanwhile. In 2000 i teamed up with a DJ Friend (DJ Backbone) and we started together "Projekt -X-". In the first Time we taked over the Old Station name and changed it to "Projekt X Midnight Radio" with only one Live Show per week. After 3 Months we changed it to "Projekt -X- Trance Radio" cause our Main Genre was Trance.At the Beginning of 2001 we made a break in Webcasting, stopped everything and do more DJ Work.Late in 2001, i think it was November after my Birthday I remembered the good old Radio Times. So I started again to Webcast with a new Live Show concept and a 24/7 Stream.We made it from the Last Page of the Trance Genre to Page One in just 4 Months and getting also Editor's Pick. And I just started :-) It's just getting better.
Favorite Artists

Hennes & Cold
My personal favourites in Hard Trances. "The Second Trip" is a MUST HAVE!!!!.

Mauro Picotto
If you hear any Track from him you know why i like him.

Kai Tracid
Three Words for this. Tracid Traxx rocks!!!!

DJ Scot Project
I love his groovy Trance Style.One of my personal DJ Heroes.

Favorite Broadcasters

Projekt -X- Trance Radio over the Worldbrings the finest Trance and Hard Trance Tracks from all

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