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DJ: dj. wally e

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My name is DJ. WALLY E I am a local dj. trying to establish a spot in the music world. Born in Baltimore MD. in northeast with the love music since age 17. Not always focused on good life cause of criminal thoughts I allowed myself to lose focus and journey down the wrong path. Got addicted to drugs and allowed myself to go had no male icon in the house so I survive the best way possible. Raised with four sister's I understood women and their idea's my mother is a strong woman and it's through her I survive. In the 80's I was extremely wild hustling drugs and smoking weed which lead to the crack cocaine and heroin and it was on from there from the stealing and other criminal activity which cause me to spend a lot on incarceration time away. With my time I always kept written music and understood that I had a hunger for music all my life. Somehow tried to regain my focus in hopes to one day spreading my music for the world to hear I love creating or changing the sound in music making new ideas and communicate to the world. Mixing since the age of 17 years old I decided to go back to my first love and that's music this is what I love this is what I do. Sometimes dj forget to blend you know create music differently so that's what my goal is to make music sound different but pleasing. I sit at my laptop in thought of a new idea just trying to get my foot in the door just want to be heard not fame just notice that's all. I do this for the love of music and the understanding of where it can transfer your mind to a comfortable spot in life
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