DJ Profile
modern music online from Radio Molecule on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dna__
Location: NM

I like unusual, un-commercial music, anything that is defined as post-classical, modern, atonal, serial, concrete, minimalist, experimental, sound art and electro-acoustic. After having worked in a 'terrestrial' station many years ago researching and broadcasting new music, I found Live365 and realized that it would be ideal for me in terms of fulfilling my continuous desire to reconnect with radio and the world of the still very alive genre. I also live in a state that was receptive to new music and helped support it a few decades ago when the genre was becoming more prominent in the late 70’s and early 80’s and still continues to do so.

Starting my station project: Radio Molecule to provide interesting music to a new music listening-audience, proved that there are intrigued and attentive listeners, grateful for the service. The station offers a wide range of music, scheduled shows and national and international new music news.

It is very exciting to me to discover that new music is actually coming back, being such an uncommercial segment of the music world. There are plenty of festivals in this country as well as in Europe that support the creative endeavors of amazing composers that are producing intelligent, interesting, playful, cultured contemporary non-commercial symphonic works as well as others that might include non traditional instruments and voice.

Reflective of culture and creativity in an environment of acceptance of diversity, ingredients that have characterized this country’s historical and philosophical position, Internet Radio might symbolize one of our last free-thinking refuges. The ability to share music that is uncompromising is a gift.