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oldies music online from DocSouth Oldies Channel on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: doc south
Location: Augusta, NJ

That's Doc South there on the left…He is a kind hearted soul and the genuine article; someone who truly cares about his listeners and putting out a great show. He brings the same wonderful story telling abilities to the table as a Jean Shepherd, the musical knowledge and charisma of a Cousin Brucie, the interview skills of a Tom Synder and the ability to let loose and share a laugh with us all ala a Dr. Demento. While listening to the Doc South show, you get that warm, happy feeling. Many folks describe his show as old fashioned radio, the way it used to be when you were most fond of the medium. On top of all that, he is great at promoting and talking about any type of business or service. People really respond to what he has to say. Doc also has 1000’s of local fans and admirers(here in New Jersey). By co-creating his own internet radio station, one can only image what it will be like for 1000’s more throughout America and the world to discover what he has to offer day in and day out. If you love really good radio, you have found a real gem. And if you are a business and would like to effectively get YOUR message across, he's your man. PLEASE visit our website at: