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As a practicing physician, I am trained to be a careful observer of human behavior. Although people vary in many ways, the enjoyment of music is one universal characteristic of all mankind. This is no doubt because music appeals directly to the pleasure centers of the human brain. Therefore, I think that listening to music is not only natural but also healthy. Music seems to satisfy some basic need of all people and it makes us feel good. Hence, music is in a unique position to help buffer our minds from the never-ending trials of today's complicated world. Therefore, I founded this station both as a hobby and as a form of stress-relieving music therapy for myself and others who choose to listen. My primary station genre is "Easy Listening" with songs chosen that I like and that can be played regularly without going out of style. The station plays daily as background music in my medical office, and I believe that it would be appropriate for most work environments. I appreciate your listening to my **Day & Nite Music** station and welcome your comments about this undertaking.