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DJ: doctor_optical
Location: Bradford, United Kingdom

I've loved psychedelic music ever since I started listening to "Sergeant Pepper" and "Relics" in my early teens. But it was only after a ten-year detour (through prog, punk, indie, jazz, whatever) that I really started exploring the wider world of psych. And guess what? This music still gives me a bigger buzz than pretty much anything recorded before or since. Listen in and see if you feel it too... and if you've got any feedback, requests, or recommendations of music you think I should check out - get in touch!
Favorite Artists

One of three bands whose best late-60s work epitomises UK psych pop. (The other two are the Beatles and Pink Floyd... but I'm restricting these lists to lesser-known artists, because I think that tells you more about my tastes.)

The Millennium
OK, so they were a bit twee sometimes. But as a producer, Curt Boettcher is second only to Brian Wilson in my book - and the songs Michael Fennelly and Joey Stec wrote together are among the very best of the genre. It's just a shame there aren't more of them.

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Consistent they weren't, but at their best they made some jaw-droppingly beautiful, atmospheric music. "Will You Walk With Me" still gives me the shivers.

Not as obscure as the other bands on this list, but they still get nothing like the recognition they deserve. Listen to the first 3 albums and hear how Arthur Lee evolved from a garage rocker into a genre-busting songwriting genius in two years flat.

The Zombies
The Zombies' masterpiece, Odessey and Oracle, is often referred to as the British Pet Sounds. It's not THAT good - what is? - but it comes about as close as anything to that album's lush, blissfully melancholic atmosphere.

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