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DJ: rodney
Location: Visalia, CA

I'm a music fanatic. I love to introduce people to new artists and to help lesser-known artists get the exposure they deserve. (Yes, I'm the annoying friend who wants to play a song for you from his collection and point out all the great things about it, and then gets bummed-out when you don't share his excitement.) So, running a station like this is a thrill for me. Please send an email; I'd love to hear from you.
Favorite Artists

Stevie Nicks
Most distinctive voice in the industry (in my opinion). She has such great stage presence and has never tried to follow trends.

Aimee Mann
Definitely underrated. Probably my favorite contemporary songwriter. I love wallowing in the unfairness of life with her.

Nanci Griffith
Also one of my favorite songwriters. I'm not sure exactly what it is that draws me to her music, but she's got a great way with a melody.

Kirsty MacColl
Again, underrated. And, sorely missed. I love the way she harmonized with herself on her overdubs. Her sense of humor always came through in her lyrics. A very distinctive voice as well.

Jude Johnstone
A great singer/songwriter who hasn't had the exposure she deserves. Great songcrafting!

Favorite Albums

'Til Tuesday - Everything's Different Now
Melodic and melancholy at the same time. Who could ask for more?

Aimee Mann - Whatever
Also very melodic and provides a great mixture of styles. Great cynical lyrics. I think Aimee and I would get along well.

Kirsty MacColl - Kite
Perfect mixture of mid-tempo and frenetic uptempo tracks. Sardonic, cynical, and funny at the same time.

Amy Grant - Behind the Eyes
Definitely not like her Christian cds and not like her other pop cds either. This one is very acoustic-oriented and features just Amy and guitar on several tracks. Very confessional lyrics and great melodies combine to make a very beautiful cd.

Nanci Griffith - Flyer

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