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new age music online from The Blue Whale on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: Pahoa, HI

Dov, your guide, has been an eco-peace-troubador traveling the globe with song and spirit, Dov attended the 1992 Earth Summit Global Forum, where he performed at the Sacred Indigenous Fire Circle with Jimmy Cliff, as well on the final stage during a full lunar eclipse for 100,000 people. He performed at the John Denver Windstar Symposium, and his song was the theme song for the 1995 Earthwalk. He hosted two seasons of Earth Day Every Day on Radio, performed live on a ship for thousands of dolphins and many human passengers, and has written songs for all kinds of environmental situation, including his 'Symphony of the Sacred Forest Forest', which has been performed live by two orchestras, and Dov has been the solist. Here at the Blue Whale, Dov has selected music from artists which he enjoys listening such as Loreena McKennet, Enya, Paul Swartz, and music from his own catalogue and from artists whom he has recorded with or performed live with, or worked with who met along the musical roads and share a similar vision of working towards Earth Harmony, in their work or in their lives such as including David Arkenstone, Diane Arkenstone, Peter Sterling, Nils, Paul Winter, John Denver, Suzanne Teng, Herb Alpert, and many others