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downtempo music online from The Polaris Wavelength on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Dream Land Scheme
Location: New York, NY

AIM: legeorgian99
check out: Dream Land Scheme is a one man production. I, Levan, was born in the Republic of Georgia , and lived there for the first 11 years of my life. Now I live in Downtown New York. The music depicts, in essence, my views on life and its general feel. I believe that life is deep and positive. I find that the best way to communicate this is through my music. There isn't anything quite like finishing a new song. I write (and play) music that goes beyond everyday stuff, describes bigger things. And as I improve my skills in this whole music business, I will paint many more images and feelings with sound. -Levan
Favorite Artists

Zero 7
great ambience and mood

Massive Attack
very creative

Sigur Ros
some of the deepest music out there

my favorite band by far

just all around great music