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women music online from WHERE THE GIRLS ARE on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: AM Radio Legend
Location: Dade City, FL

I have been involved in radio in fashion or another for most of my life. Starting out in Amateur (Ham) Radio as a teenager sparked my interest in commercial radio so I starting hanging around a local AM radio station. They finally hired me part-time to read the news and the weather at the age of 16. Fun times. Fast forward to the almost present. Listening to radio in the Tampa Bay area is pretty boring but I got hooked on a community station during the weekends and realized that there is a niche for female artists. So I started “Where The Girls Are.” Lots of fun again and I am broadcasting from a small country town of 6,000! Life is good.
Favorite Broadcasters
Another great local station in Zephyrhills.

Big D Country
A fellow Part 15 AM broadcaster in Tallahassee.

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