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80s music online from 80's OBSESSION on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Dweezil
Location: Silicon Valley, CA

Having grown up right smack in the middle of the 80's, I became musically aware around 1982. I listened to lots of New Wave and remember the first time I heard many of the songs you'll hear on this station. I graduated from high school in '84 and then moved to Europe for a few years. There I listened to a lot of NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle) and Italo Disco. That's why you'll hear lot's of Euro Beats here that you may not have heard before. After moving back to the states, I went to college and often hung out with friends around a turntable and a pile of vinyl. This station is one way I connect with the most memorable part of my life. Support this station and listen ad-free with Live365 Preferred Membership!
Favorite Artists

New Order
The first time I heard New Order, I was hooked for life. Absolutely my favorite band of all time.

Depeche Mode
I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard "People Are People".

I can listen to any Yaz album from begining to end.

Great 80's Italo Disco.

"With Sympathy" is a classic album that I can listen to anytime.

Favorite Broadcasters

Great Christmas music with an downtempo groove.

Radio Free Akron: The first 80's station I ever heard on Live365. This is the staton that really hooked me on Live365 and broadcasting. I only started my station after RFA took a several month break from broadcasting. But he's back and better than ever.

More great alternative music from a larger time span.

Should you listen?!?! Do you think Howard Stern should be taken off the air? If yes, then stay the hell away from!

A decade of alt-rock. For when I'm not listening to 80's. There are also some very funny clips thrown in that'll be sure to make you smile.

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