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DJ: dylanator
Location: Riverview, FL

I sorta discovered the blues by coming in the back door. In the 70's I relished the occasional blues cover done by a Rock band, and have been a huge fan of blues-rock since purchasing SRV's first release the mid 80's.

For me, there's nothing like the simple rhythmic patterns of the blues lathered with plenty of nasty, snarling electric guitar.

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Favorite Artists

Walter Trout and the Radicals
One of the top blues-rock guitarists performing today.

Magic Red and the Voodoo Tribe
Very unique style.... wicked blues guitar.

The Hamsters
Rockin' blues band from the UK.

David Gogo
Awesome Canadian blues guitarist.

Vargas Blues Band
Execllent blues-rock band from Spain.

Favorite Albums

Walter Trout and the Radicals - Live Trout
Intense live recording of 2000 concert at Tampa Bay Blues Fest.

Magic Red and the Voodoo Tribe - The First Temptation
Haunting and erie - wicked guitar.

The Hamsters - Hamster Jam
This CD absolutely rocks the blues.

David Gogo - Dine Under the Stars
This CD will blow blues-rock guitar freaks away.

Vargas Blues Band - Last Night
Spain's Jarvier Vargas finally delivers an all blues & blues rock CD. It was worth the wait.

Favorite Broadcasters

Blues Groove (32k MP3pro) - Contemporary and Classic Blues. Jump Blues, Swing & Blues Rock

The Blue Jazzman - New four hour show every day. (Requires Cable/DSL connection).

Le Net Blues Radio - Blues from Quebec, Canada. (Requires Cable/DSL connection).

Blue Icewater Radio - Hot 'n cool blues. (Requires 56k connection)

Bandit Blues Radio - The Rude Mood Station

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