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Lots of overlooked tunes and rarities. A lot of variety with many pop genres, including many decades.

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I have been collecting records for over 40 years. Here is a large group of singles that have been ignored by oldies radio stations for years.

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So Doctor Demento has ended his broadcast show and will be internet only. Thank you good Dr. for letting a lot of us learn that before we were born, a lot of folks were having fun with music. You inspired our decision to play "unusual" songs. Once again the old story of once you have invested a huge amount of time and effort into restoring an item, a much better copy will appear. My wife bought a CD with the same song that I had recently restored. Of 32 songs on the CD, we already had 29 of them, but that was what she wanted. We will be VIP only until we can get a bunch of additional time, money and tracks for you. We shall see. The parent station is still at So enjoy.