DJ Profile
60s music online from Echo's of the Past on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Shotgun
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Favorite Artists

Eric Burdon
Nobody can sing like him. St.James Infirmary for example

Jimi Hendrix
All Along The Watch Tower - do I have to say more.

Rolling Stones
Bad boys from England, they were cutting edge.

Dave Clark Five
Had alot of energy.

The Who
They only had one speed - 100 miles per hour

Favorite Albums

Eric Burdon & The Animals - Every One Of Us
Dark and powerful

Beatles - Meet The Beatles
These guys turned us on our heads with this album

Jimi Hendrix - Electric LadyLand
This is not an album, it's a journey.

Johnny Cash - Live at San Q
He was a tough guy.

The Who - Tommy
Double album with not one bad song.