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Location: head quarters (Toronto), Ontario, Canada

YAHOO: theevangelistinternational
E.I Radio Networks: Now Dancehall Gospel Radio E.I Radio Networks was officially launched January 4th 2004 by the grace of GOD. The president of this radio station is Reza Ally aka DJ Evangelist International. The vision of the radio station is to, promote morally edifying music by faith driven artists. E.I Radio specializes mostly in the reggae genre, and is already known for broadcasting quality music. Not only does the radio station play reggae, soca and hip hop twenty four hours a day seven days a week, but there are inspiring interviews as well. The station was initially ranked at six hundred and seventeen (last) when it was launched however in a short period of time it rose to number nineteen. This climb in the charts was truly remarkable, because according to statistics, stations with the same genre took on average three years to make such a drastic climb The radio enables: 1) High quality positive music to be transmitted around the world. 2) All gospel DJs from around the world with the opportunity to have their shows to be broadcasted Therefore allowing their talents to be utilized in their respective locations 3) All artists with the chance to have their own show, allowing fans to view them in a different perspective, other than seeing them in concerts. The radio's headquarters is based in Toronto Canada, and there are many media officers worldwide that represent this radio station. E.I Radio Networks is a sub division of Evangelist International ministries. CHECK OUT OUR SITE TO GET SOME GOSPEL CDS WE PLAY WWW.EIRADIONETWORKS.COM or
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