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I sorta discovered the blues by coming in the back door. In the 70's I relished the occasional blues cover done by a Rock band, and have been a huge fan of blues-rock since purchasing SRV's first release the mid 80's.

For me, there's nothing like the simple rhythmic patterns of the blues lathered with plenty of nasty, snarling electric guitar.

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Favorite Artists

Stevie Ray Vaughan
SRV blasted open the door for blues-rock. By far the most copied blues-rock guitarist. He combined all elements of blues-rock in perfect balance... strong vocals, stunning guitar, and a great combination of original and cover material.

Walter Trout
The most intense and passionate blues-rock guitarist performing today. His live performances must be seen to be appreciated. Mind-blowing guitar and strong vocals.

Gary Moore
Who says a hard rock guitarist can't play with fire and passion? Gary started the parade of hard rock guitarists crossing over to the blues.

Johnny Winter
Although it took me a while to discover him, Johnny's been playing my style of blues for 30 years. One of the top slide players of all time.

Melvin Taylor
Melvin's speed and precision are amazing. Light, laid-back vocals are contrasted by warp-speed lead runs, often accented with Melvin's excellent command of the wah-wah.

Favorite Albums

Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Step
SRV drug free and sober in 1989. All of SRV's albums are excellent, this one just happens to be my favorite.

Walter Trout - Live Trout
Recorded in Florida in 2000, does a credible job of conveying the live Walter Trout experience. Besides... I was there. Read my full review of this CD at

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues
Gary was one of the first hard rock guitarists to cross over to the blues with the release of this CD in 1990, and it still sets the standard for all that follow. Read my full review of this CD at

Johnny Winter - Captured Live
Johnny Winter is at his best on this 1976 live recording, as he cranks through a set of Rock 'n Roll, blues-rock, and blues. This album also shows why Johnny is considered one of the best slide guitarists of all time. Read my full review of this CD at

Melvin Taylor - Dirty Pool
Released in 1997, this CD features SRV/Hendrix style songs, but done only as Melvin can do them. Amazing speed and precision, and excellent wah-wah work. Read my full review of this CD at

Favorite Broadcasters

Blues Groove (32k MP3pro) - Contemporary and Classic Blues. Jump Blues, Swing & Blues Rock

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