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DJ: ellacurly
Location: Pacific North North West

I'm a retired TV Producer/Director/Writer. Also, former Mayor of my town. I used to have a jazz show on FM and programmed an FM Station and was copy chief, before I went into television. A varied and interesting career. Just keeping my hand in. I love classic jazz and like to share. And yes, that's me you hear doing the station i.d.'s (female voice) Support this station and listen ad-free with Live365 Preferred Membership! PLEASE - IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A PREFERRED MEMBER - DO SO BY CLICKING ON THE BUTTON ABOVE OR FROM MY WEB PAGE - IT HELPS TO DEFRAY MY BROADCASTING COSTS. If you are already a VIP member or just want to support Classic Jazz & this station, use the green button to the right. Helps me to buy more CD's! Thanks so much for your support and keep on listening! Classic Jazz is alive and well on Live365 - DIMENSIONS IN JAZZ!!! Put yourself on my LISTENER MAP - go to my web page and scroll down. Check out all the links too - plus GREAT BARGAINS ON JAZZ CD'S AVAILABLE. WHILE ON MY WEBSITE - SIGN MY GUEST BOOK!!!
Favorite Artists

Stan Getz
warm & wonderful

Scott Hamilton
Great tenor sax

Sarah Vaughan
A range to die for.. voice like brown honey

Chet Baker
A sad genius

Ed Bickert
probably the best jazz guitarist in the world...and a Canadian

Favorite Albums

Chet Baker - The Legacy Vol. 1
Chet with a 19 piece orchestra, recorded just weeks before his tragic death in Europe

Scott Hamilton & Friends - Blues, Bop & Ballads
The sweetness of the track "Skylark"

The Warmth of the Horn - Ian McDougall Quartet
A great jazz trombonist

Favorite Broadcasters

West Coast cool jazz at its best

Great library of jazz classics

Feel Good Jazz

jazz trombone

Some nice jazz

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