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oldies music online from Loco Radio 97.3 K-LOC on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: frank the funky loco
Location: Sierra Vista, AZ

Hello I Am Frank "The Funky Loco",I Started This Station So People Get A Chance To hear Something Different Than The Same Old Stuff Than On The Regular Airwaves & Who Knows Maybe Somebody Way Out the Other Side of The World may Hear Something They Normaly Wouldn't Hear & Like it.Thanx For Listening & Helping Spread The Wonderful Gift of Music!!! As an update:I Would Like To Thank Those Of You Who Have Been Listening & Preseting My Station(You Know Who You are),as Well To The VIP'S.Please Keep In Mind That I Do Not Always Have On The Kind Of Music That You Were Hearing When You First Heard My Station,The Whole Idea Is To Broaden Your Mind To Something Else & Give It A Chance,You May Not Like Everything I Play But You Might Hear Something You Do Like.Once Again I Greatly Apreciate Your Tuning In.
Favorite Artists

Elvis Presley
Most Versitile Performer

The Beatles
Most Creative Song Writing Team

writes music & performs all instruments ,produces own album on his own label

Brian Setzer
Took an old unpopular Genre & Updated it for a new Younger Audiance & Gained a few older fans from the Original Genre Popular in the 1950's

Don Tosti
Took Mexican Street Slang & Popular Jazz Music of the Era & Fused it Together to Make a Bebop Jazz for the Mexican Pachucos of the Era

Favorite Albums

The Beatles - The Beatles Red & Blue Set
This 4 Album Collection is the Best & Most complete collection of beatles Hits

Prince - Prince Greatist Hits 3 Disc Set
Has all the Radio Hits & the B-Sides

Brian Setzer - Rockabilly Riot
Classic Sun Records Rockabilly Updated a bit by Brian Setzer

Elvis Presley - From Memphis
Elvis Presley at his Vocal Best.Released in 1968 He made his comeback With This Album & the Soundtrack the the 68 T.V. Special.

Various Artists - Pachuco Boogie
A Collection of Songs From the Pachuco Era(Mostly 1940's)Including Rare Stuff From Don Tosti & Lalo Guerrero