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DJ: ethan miles
Location: Oakland, CA

I moved to the SF Bay Area from Michigan in January of 2000. My education was humanities-based; however, my current livelihood involves providing support services to an inner-city elementary school. I'd like to think I'm applying the "human" in humanities. I grew up listening to rock, and this playlist reflects that; yet, I also have a penchant for jazz, blues, classical, folk, experimental, early country, older soul and R&B, funk, disco, salsa, and a little hip-hop. Besides music, I love to read and write, watch independent films, attend festivals, camp, bike ride, and participate in other non-competitive activities.
Favorite Artists

John Coltrane
See albums.

The Beatles
They went from being essentially a "boy band" to creating some of the most innovative, enduring music ever. I never tire of any of it, even their poppiest stuff.

Billie Holiday
One of my all time favorite singers. Her voice is downright haunting!

Tom Waits
He's one of the greatest storytellers in music. His unorthodox vocal style is entirely fits the subject matter.

Johnny Cash
One of the most poignant singer/songwriters ever. He made it OK for me to like a little country

Favorite Albums

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Greatest saxophone player ever! (Of course, I wrote that with my best "Comic Book Guy" voice in my head).

The Beatles - Abbey Road
Trying to decide on a best Beatles album was no small feat, but I'd have to say this is the one I'm most likely to reach for.

XTC - Skylarking
One of the most under-appreciated bands of all time. Their music is esoteric, yet light and catchy.

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
This is the album that essentially broke me in to jazz. It's fairly accessible yet very complex.

Radiohead - OK Computer
Easily my favorite rock album of the 90's. This is music that "takes me places."

Favorite Broadcasters

This is an entirely different radio experience from mine, but he's my best friend from college--'nuff said.

I've met this broadcaster, and not only was she a wealth of broadcasting tips, she has a first-rate station.

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