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modern rock music online from Estrogeneration on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Rick & Eva, et. al.
Location: n/a


Music Dy-rector: Rick, 50ish - male - married - Midwest USA

My mission: To find the best mainstream and independent female artists and female-fronted bands to play on Estrogeneration.

My background: Walter-Mitty-level conceptual engineer. Former farm hand.

Credibility: Higher than Eva's, but that ain't sayin' much.

Plans: To daydream good ideas into existence.

Special no thanks ;) to my friend who thinks she runs this (see below) when I do most of the work.

Hostess: Eva, 30-something - female - paired - Midwest USA

My mission: Play and promote chick rock. That is, female singer/songwriters and female-fronted bands. The main focus is on the gems who are often overlooked, but I'll slip in some better-known favorites, too.

My background: Web content producer. Former exotic dancer.

Credibility: Ha! Are you kidding? This is the Internet. Believe about half the stuff I write, if that much. ;-)

Plans: Sell out to a major corporation. hahaha

Special Thanks to my assistant and drinking buddy: Tricky Ricky, master music researcher, audio engineer and designated grunt work. (Your videogame skill sucks, dude, practice!)

Favorite Artists

Snake River Conspiracy
Too bad ex-lead Tobey Torres and musical genius Jason Slater had a falling out. In fact, they had two fallings out. Sigh. That means we're left with only "Sonic Jihad," an awesome album from 2001.
SRC website

Jack Off Jill
Now defunct, but definitely ahead of their time. Gotta love a lead like Jessicka (now lead for Scarling) who can sing and scream.
JOJ website - Sample Scarling songs

This woman is not afraid of displaying a really bad attitude to any and all who deserve it. Love how she knocks religious hypocrites off their moral high horse in "God****it" from the Irrational Anthem CD. Also love the track "Pretty Little White Girl." Haven't heard anything from her more recently. Her website is gone and her MySpace all but dormant.
RPM website

Anna Nalick
Cute and talented, she absolutely rawks in live concert. Go and become a convert.
Anna's site

Terra Naomi
Her voice is so powerful and her songs relate her life experiences without being sappy or artificially angst ridden. And her little dog is cute, too.
Terra online

Favorite Albums

Poe - Haunted
Awesome voice, incredible lyrics, compelling album. Unfortunately, a followup isn't on the horizon because of her record contract battles.
Poe website (Check the message boards for most recent info.)

The Saucers - Eternal Intermission
Meredith DiMena, I want to have your baby! Ok, that's a bit overboard, but her voice is seductive and I love the unique musical style by this Connecticut group.
Saucers website

Amanda Marshall - Everybody's Got A Story
I lent this CD out, and have never gotten that copy back! Consequently, it was some time before I bought another copy and got it in our station library to play. This woman is a phenomenal songwriter from Canada.
Amanda's website

Sleater-Kinney - The Woods
I confess to blasphemy. I've never been a big S-K fan! But bringing in a new producer for this CD solidified their years of experience in a way that's enjoyable for loyal fans and those like me who've wanted to love them but just couldn't embrace their previous work wholeheartedly.
S-K website

Bif Naked - Superbeautifulmonster
This album is consistently excellent grrl rock all the way through. Good and fun.
Bif Naked site

Favorite Broadcasters


Angelic voices.

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