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WOMEN ROCK THIS WAY: Female Artists & Female-Fronted Bands. Paramore, Halestorm, Grace Potter, Juliette Lewis, Diane Birch, Donnas, Bif Naked, Sara Bareilles, Flyleaf, Veruca Salt, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lily Allen, Metric, Hole, Duffy & LOTS of Indie Artists.

About Rick & Eva, et. al.

Music Dy-rector: Rick, 50ish - male - married - Midwest USA

My mission: To find the best mainstream and independent female artists and female-fronted bands to play on Estrogeneration.

My background: Walter-Mitty-level conceptual engineer. Former farm hand.

Credibility: Higher than Eva's, but that ain't sayin' much.

Plans: To daydream good ideas into existence.

Special no thanks ;) to my friend who thinks she runs this (see below) when I do most of the work.

Hostess: Eva, 30-something - female - paired - Midwest USA

My mission: Play and promote chick rock. That is, female singer/songwriters and female-fronted bands. The main focus is on the gems who are often overlooked, but I'll slip in some better-known favorites, too.

My background: Web content producer. Former exotic dancer.

Credibility: Ha! Are you kidding? This is the Internet. Believe about half the stuff I write, if that much. ;-)

Plans: Sell out to a major corporation. hahaha

Special Thanks to my assistant and drinking buddy: Tricky Ricky, master music researcher, audio engineer and designated grunt work. (Your videogame skill sucks, dude, practice!)

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