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jazz music online from Evening Melancholy on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: Nashville, TN

MSN: jazzroundmidnight
Miles Davis once said, "You know why I don't play ballads anymore? Because I love playing them too much." Do you know why I play ballads? Because I probably love them more than anything else. I guess the station and website were created to let people know that even on the darkest of nights, you have music like this to cling to.
Favorite Albums

Charles Mingus - Black Saint and The Sinner Lady
Mingus = Passion. Black Saint and The Sinner Lady = Pure Genius.

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
Close your eyes and listen. The continuous ebb and flow of images will overwhelm the senses. One of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard.

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
Do I understand what every phrase means? No. Will I keep playing it even if I never completely get it? Yep. Great album.

Charlie Parker - With Strings
Commercial music? Sell-out music? It's Charlie Parker. If "Just Friends" is sell-out, then call me a fan of mediocrity.

Aesop Rock - Labor Days
For anyone who may think hip-hop is a waste of auditory space, download the lyrics to this album and read as you listen. One of the most lyrically adept hip-hop records ever created.

Favorite Broadcasters

The first jazz site I came across when I signed onto Live365. He knows what good jazz is.

The first lady of jazz radio. Great knowledge of the music. Great selections.

Knows the difference between laid-back music and background music. Everything he plays is laid-back and good.

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