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Mostly music from the early '50's and late '40's. Much different from late '50's.

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This old guy of 75 wants to share some of his collection from the early '50's and some from the '40's. A lot of it is from 45's and 33's and even some 78's. I hope I got all the scratches out. If you are like me, some of these songs bring back a memory of a moment of time long ago. If you have any favorites that are not here, drop me a line, and I probably have it. I have the top 100 songs from 1950 thru 1954, on the station now and many more songs from the 40's and 50's. You can go to the "Class of 1954" website to see the entire playlist of songs on the station as well as the artists featured.

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Class of 1954

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Pop Music's "golden decade", from the fall of the Big bands to the rise of Rock and Roll (1946-1955) was a sound track to the returning veterans of world war II. The male and female singers, the ensemble vocal groups and the orchestras and arrangers made this 10 years the Golden Era of pop songs. Lean back, close your eyes, and remember a time of pony tails, pleated skirts, penny loafers and music you could sing along with.

"Class of 1954" hosts the sounds of the time, at that place where the 20th Century Limited crosses Route 66 at a place called Tuxedo Junction, and everybody is . . . . . . . forever young.

The music of the early '50's is different from the late '50's. Most of it is carried over from the '40's. We still danced to big bands, listened to vocals by artists that could actually sing and did not have extensive electronics to make the music. When we went to concerts, the guys usually had coats and ties and the gals, party dresses. The sock hops were a big part of our high school social life. Music was usually provided by 45's that would provide the latest hits. Jitterbugging was still the rage and of course the slow dancing to the voice of artists like Nat King Cole.

I have the top songs from 1950 thru 1954 online now and others from the 40's and early '50's.

You can go to the "Class of 1954" website to see the songs playing on the station today.