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ambient music online from Ferngerms Sleeps on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Ferngerms
Location: Cardiff by the Sea, CA

The station is meant to portray the finest ambient music I can unearth. Ambient music has been my love since the age of 8 years. My music collection is massive in regards to all forms of electronica. Each week I hope you will enjoy the sounds that I find across the globe. Thank You!!
Favorite Artists

Steve Roach
The main reason I fell in love with this music. My favorite album (all time) is "Early Man"

The first time I heard this artist was in Tijuana just 30 minutes south of me. The best live show I have yet to encounter and the most wonderful musician.

Very deep thinking music. Helped me come up with all my ideas for writing papers during college.

Rober Rich
The very first ambient song I ever heard that was featured on "Hearts of Space" came from this man. So yes aside from Steve Roach he is also responsible for my love.

Basic Channel
Although I will never broadcast them over the internet. By far my second favorite albums of all time.

Favorite Broadcasters

Nice Collection of ambient music!

Dr. Z
Originally what influenced me to open my station!

New and excellent track selection

Vir Unis
Need I say more!!!