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ATG’s DJ-hosted radio show is about listening to and learning about great songs featuring ‘drum-tastic' rhythm tracks, new and old, near and far, in every mood and style, produced on drums , percussion, and keyboard percussion of every conceivable kind.

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I grew up on Chicago's North Shore, where I studied drums and percussion with music mentor and drum teacher, Jake Jerger. After high school I pursued a degree in jazz performance at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and studied with celebrated drummers in Chicago and Milwaukee. I played drums professionally in the Midwest for nearly a decade, working and touring with rock, funk, jazz, and house bands, but also playing percussion for dance companies, theater companies, and free-jazz art ensembles. Somewhere along the way I apprenticed at a local recording studio, as well as designing and marketing percussion devices made from recycled industrial copper and brass.

I've since earned a B.A. in English (Creative Writing), and a master's degree in computer-assisted language learning and worked for several decades as a technical writer and trainer for software development companies

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Hello, I’m Bill Kilpatrick, host of Ain’t That a Groove.

As you probably know, Ain’t That a Groove is a non-profit music webstream for drummers and other connoisseurs of high art and the fundamental wisdom of the big beat.

During ATG's seven-year tenure on live365, I created more than 150 hours of original content, all of it actively hosted by a DJ, and featuring great songs, new and old, near and far, ‘what got’ remarkable drum and percussion tracks of every possible pedigree. And all of it funded and produced by yours truly without any assistance or remuneration of any kind from anyone anywhere.

Because all of the shows currently available on are archived editions of the show, I’d like to begin developing new shows for ATG on a full-time basis. But this time I’m soliciting funds to offset the costs of producing the show. Your generous support will enable me to once again deliver new, unknown, or under appreciated drum tracks to listeners on a regular basis, along with vital information about the recording artists who make the music magic happen. Likewise, your pledge will enable me to create truly independent radio programming by playing what I damned well please on behalf of listeners who love great songs ‘what got’ great rhythm tracks ‘whenever’ and wherever they can be found — just as I've done throughout the show's history

To make a contribution to the show, click on the following link ATG at Gofundme to the gofundme site, which also provides ATG's informal proposal for funding. Until ATG raises $500 in funding, the ATG page will not be visible in the gofundme public directory, and can only be reached by clicking on the link I have provided.

--Make it funky, and let the drummer kick
Bill “Flamdaddy” Kilpatrick