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I grew up on Chicago's North Shore, studied percussion with Slingerland's master teacher, Jake Jerger, pursued a degree in jazz performance at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and played drums professionally in the Midwest for a decade. I've since earned a B.A. in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin -- Madison, as well as a master's degree in computer-assisted language learning. For several decades now I've worked for software development companies as a technical writer and trainer. My obsession with music and drumming, however, is unabated. I am especially interested in R&B recordings of the 50s and the rapidly evolving world music scene. I maintain a personal collection of about 3000 albums and CDs, but my iPod is now the center of my music universe. My wife and I live just south of the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona where we enjoy digital imaging, classic English novels, science fiction films, hiking, and vegetarian cooking, as well as a brown dog the size of a Humvee and an arm full of rescue cats. Following a rock climbing accident, I've had to abandon my trapdrum set, but I can see clearly now conga drums and tablas in my future.

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*Station News* >>>April 22, 2013 ATG has closed our low bandwidth webcast (Ain't That a Groove/32kb) but has expanded and improved our high fidelity webcast (Aint That a Groove/64KB). Hope to 'see' you there. --Flamdaddy *Our Story* ATG is aimed at drummers and music lovers alike, and focuses on recordings with great trapdrum or percussion tracks. It matters not to ATG if a recording is impossibly virtuosic, hipper than hip, or historically important -- unless the drum track is five-star fare, you won't hear it on ATG. What you will hear is an eclectic mix of recordings whose drum tracks are brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed, and that strike awe, envy, or quiet devotion in the heart of the average drummer and music lover. ATG is also actively hosted by a DJ, and provides music analysis along with information about the artists and recordings featured on the webcast. Our shows are typically organized around a distinct theme or topic such as great drum breaks or odd-metered grooves, and offer frequent opportunities for listeners to participate, including listener polls and recommendations, guest DJ spots, and the uploading of drumming assignments. Finally, ATG is a non-profit webcast. It's all 'just for kicks,' and so your host has no relationship of any kind with anybody in the music industry. All station expenses are paid by Flamdaddy.