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I grew up on Chicago's North Shore, studied percussion with Slingerland's master teacher, Jake Jerger, pursued a degree in jazz performance at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and played drums professionally in the Midwest for a decade. I've since earned a B.A. in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin -- Madison, as well as a master's degree in computer-assisted language learning. For several decades now I've worked for software development companies as a technical writer and trainer. My obsession with music and drumming, however, is unabated. I am especially interested in R&B recordings of the 50s and the rapidly evolving world music scene. I maintain a personal collection of about 3000 albums and CDs, but my iPod is now the center of my music universe. My wife and I live just south of the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona where we enjoy digital imaging, classic English novels, science fiction films, hiking, and vegetarian cooking, as well as a brown dog the size of a Humvee and an arm full of rescue cats. Following a rock climbing accident, I've had to abandon my trapdrum set, but I can see clearly now conga drums and tablas in my future.

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My Mission Ain’t That a Groove lives to serve listeners in the discovery of memorable music that has noteworthy drum tracks. As Jane Austen might say, I greatly esteem’ a drum track that brilliantly sustains the mood and style utilized by an exceptional recording. And when I say drums, I mean percussion of all sizes, shapes, and origins, not just western-style drum sets. In my estimation, a great drum track is the ham fisted funk and roll of XTC’s Terry Chambers, but also the exquisite touch and artistry of vibraphonist Stefon Harris, as well as the joyful noise of Mickey Hart’s Global Drum ensemble, using hand drums and percussion to seek everyday transcendence. Which is to say, on ATG, it’s not just about big beats and heavy grooves. It’s about great songs what got exceptional drum tracks of every possible pedigree in a great variety of moods, tempos, and music settings. PLATTER CHATTER I assume that ATG’s listeners are a lot like me. They’d like to know something about the music and the musicians they listen to , and they share my interest in music news and cultural trends — even music history. They might even believe that in today’s vast and never-ending music market/scene, less is more: listening more closely to fewer artists and tracks makes music better and more meaningful. That’s why I introduce the recording artists featured on the show. Sometimes my remarks are brief and to the point, simply noting who played what and when and where. But at other times, I provide deep historical background for an album or drummer or music event that deserves close inspection. Knowing what to say, and what not to say about an artist or recording or trend — that’s the value I am striving to add to the recordings I play. But always with the goal of engaging and informing my listeners, perhaps even increasing the value of the music they encounter. GLOBE TROTTING AND TIME TRAVEL I assume that ATG’s listeners are akin to what sociologists used to call music outliers. Just like me. They have an easy contempt for the music industry and its scripted music acts. And they are not easily impressed: they’ve grokked a lot of music, and they know what happens next in most music performances, even though they wish they didn’t. And yet they are deeply affected by music that is authentic and genuinely impressive, and so they’re always questing for new sounds and sensations. Developing playlists for these browncoats requires a comprehensive search strategy capable of locating the heart of The Verse in an ever expanding music universe. And so each year I sample about 7000 songs from across the globe and 70 years of recorded music, after which I’ve typically discovered a couple hundred songs worthy of my listener’s consideration, compiled in playlists featuring standard operating music greatness alongside music freaks and geeks such as: *a drum-dominated track from the 50s that was used to quell a riot. *a French progrock opera set in another galaxy where humans have sought refuge, bringing along drums and *guitars and a 32-man choir ‘just in case’ *Elite members of Cream, Led Zeppelin, and the Foo Fighters making nice and sharing groupies on Them Crooked Vultures. FREE OF INFLUENCE ATG is a non-profit webcast that is funded and produced entirely by me -- Bill Kilpatrick -- without any assistance of any kind from the music and recordings industries.