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80s music online from Flashback Tracks on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: djdirtyblack
Location: Atlanta, GA

MSN: DJDirtyblack
DJ DirtyBlack...Born on the north side of Chicago (Greatest city on Earth!!)... Discovered a love for recorded music through my father who had an unfulfilled dream of owning a radio station as well... Needless to say there was a truckload of music around all the time... Always played music for friends on the block as we kicked it during the summer... Decided to further my education after high school at the Atlanta Institute of Art... Studied Music Business Management and Entertainment Law... Had aspirations at one point of being a recording artist but discovered that bring a DJ was more my speed... Played several house parties before completely deciding on starting a network of radio stations. The first of which being Flashback Tracks... Have a deep respect for all genres of music which will manifest itself in the days, weeks, months and years to come... Enjoy the music you have grown to love forever and always...
Favorite Artists

Michael Jackson
Michael was the first artist that got me interested in radio. Always love his energy and his talent.

Prince was an inspiration of mine when I found out he played every instrument on all of his early recordings. Thought that was boss!! Made we want to dabble in recording when I was growing up.

Ice Cube
Hip hop has always influenced me but none more than Cube when he was with NWA and moreso after he left the group. I was kinda on the same mental kick at the time and he spoke to me. Still love him to this day.

Luther Campbell
Say what you want about this dude, he created a world of his own as lewd and as nasty as it was. Sex continues to sell to this day. He was the first to sell hip hop with it. Props!

Notorious B.I.G.
Never, ever, ever, ever heard somebody put together words the way this brutha did. Miss him like crazy and there will never be another like him.

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