DJ Profile
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DJ: Vipyr
Location: Tampa, FL

AIM: vipyr66
USF alum with a degree in Mass Communications. I started the local anime club there. I spent 2004 DJing at WBUL the Underground on campus. Hosted a two-hour radio program as well as a 1-hour rock program. It was some of the most fun I had. I currently work in retail with a media company in my name, Fusion Media Entertainment Network -
Favorite Artists

Ever since I was aware of liking music as a kid,I became a die-hard fan. They've gone through it all. They're never a cliche band and they've been going on strong for now 25+ years.

Stone Temple Pilots
Though most radio stations play they early stuff, I enjoyed their evolution up until Shang-ri La. They could have been more if Weiland stuck his ass out of jail, but his second try in Velvet Revolver is turning out fine.

I found this group online and they very quickly started to grow on me with their videogame rock remixes of classic games.

Nobuo Uematsu
The Final Fantasy games may not as always be as consistant, but he is. I think his best work is in VII. Other notables include VIII and VI

It was a hard decision, but I think he has the best stuff on DDR. My all-time faves of his are Exotic Ethnic to Matsuri Japan.