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rock music online from MESCINO RADIO on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: FMescino
Location: Chicago, IL

I'm a radio and music fanatic. In my teens, I DJ'd corporate and house parties. My earliest taste of radio came from Chicago's Rock Station, 103.5 The Blaze. My tunes and I were featured on air not once, but twice. I then went to school and studied sound and recording. I cut a few commercials and quickly ran out of cash. While working in the IT dept of Skidmore Owings in Chicago, I’d listen to FM radio and thought it lacked energy and tunes. In 2000, I joined Live365 and launched MESCINO RADIO. Back then, Live365 was the only provider and for the next 5 years I was at the top of the new rock leader board.... Other stations lacked the tunes, energy, and sound quality. I had used a special encoding method that separated Mescino from the rest. Another reason I had the upper hand is knowing those who gave me hundreds of advanced new rock CD's. Also, many big bands like Default would gladly give me advance Cd's & mp3's to spin. In 06 I changed the name to "The MACHINE." Mescino is pronounce Mesh-ine-O, so now you know! I believe I have inspired a list of live365 rock stations. You'll see many tunes and artists on others that were featured here FIRST. IN the past few years I've changed the name back to Mescino Radio and opened other stations. Some of these stations broadcast in an audio format exclusively encoded by Myself!
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