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DJ: mel
Location: Boston, MA

A concert junkie and all-around music nut, I grew up in a house filled with records by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, CSNY, Simon & Garfunkel, and Blondie. Buffalo Springfield was our standard road music. Whether in the background or front-and-center, music was always playing in my house, so it's not surprising that throughout my childhood I worked as a babysitter just to earn money to buy cassettes. (The later transition to CD was painful and expensive.)

After growing up in New York, I lived for ten years in Tennessee, but my true home is in Boston--a city whose rich music scene includes some of my favorite singer-songwriters, including Rose Polenzani, We're About 9, and Anne Heaton, and great indie pop/rock bands like Choo Choo La Rouge, so+so, and Wallcreeper. You will often find me at Cambridge's legendary Club Passim (which now has comfortable chairs!), at the Lizard Lounge (where the majority of the chairs face the size of the stage), or at Toad (which only has two benches and about 10 chairs).

I also have a theater review blog, Two-Show Days.

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Favorite Artists

Rose Polenzani
Boston singer-songwriter gem

Gorgeous modern folk 3-part harmonies

We're About 9
Gorgeous modern folk harmonies with heart and wit

Indigo Girls
Do you have to ask?

Do you have to ask?

Favorite Broadcasters

Sooz's Exploit Boston Radio features Boston rock, pop, and alternative bands. With her curated listing of Boston events, Sooz is a major promoter of the best Boston indie music.

Her WomenWhoWrock station is of the reasons I became hooked on Live365.

WUMB Folk Radio out of Boston

Indie and alt folk favorites like Tom Waits and Ani Difranco as well as rising stars like Hem and Josh Ritter, from Boston's WUMB

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