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Originally from a small burb of Boston, now living in Dallas, what a contrast you might say.. yes and no. I have been to LA for a summer and did the Hollywood 'thing'. I also just visited Seattle for the first time and am revisiting my grunge metal days. Seeing the west coast was kind of a dream of mine, but now I've been there, done that. Seattle and LA are awesome don't get me wrong, but so are Boston and Dallas and all the places in between. I feel like LA looks at Dallas for money and Boston for a population to spew their products, at the same time LA employs lots of great artists who I totally appreciate and they wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the industry. I am going to try to mix it up. The 90s had that homemade punk vibe and local music was appreciated, also the music industry was very strong in the 90s so bands like Primus could get albums funded and promoted. Now its do it yourself again, this radio station for example. I feel like music culture is very scattered these days and the music that is commercially promoted is very watered down and safe, but we cover that base by having Radiohead and Muse and American Idol and Coldplay. I love all of them but we can do better than that. What I'm saying is that BOSTON once had an amazing scene and I watched it die, after Green Day had their riot there (I was there) there was a lockdown on all things fun. We went to war, now it's occupy everything and though the dream of the 90s is alive in Portland it's clearly not in 3/4 of this country. Time to focus on what makes us want to live again, music, art, food.