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FreeThought Music features a wide variety of music styles - pop, jazz, rock, blues, folk, country, broadway & classical - that express rational freethought messages regarding the existence of a god. To purchase music visit

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I love all types of music and want to share my love of music, and rational secular thinking, with the world! Music is a powerful, emotional and often uniting force. It can be uplifting and inspiring, give you hope, make you happy or sad, and evoke memories of the past. Some people might even say music can be like a religion, something that people and a community can practice and share together, united in spirit, and use to express themselves.

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The world is slowly moving away from organized religions and long held traditional God belief systems. Non-theists are beginning to "come out of the closet" in larger numbers as non-belief becomes more acceptable in society. Throughout the media universe - radio, TV & internet - there exists a plethora of religious broadcasters, particularly evangelical Christians who provide a daily dose of their religious messages and culture to an audience of millions. Traditional religions have their music, art, poetry, etc. which gives them a common cultural foundation that helps sustain and strengthens their communities. What I believe has been lacking in the secular belief community is a similar cultural foundation to unite it and help it grow. I hope that FreeThought Music can make some small contribution to this goal by spreading the "good news" of a budding secular culture. As I enjoy all styles of music from jazz, pop, rock, folk, country, classical, new age, etc. I have decided to reflect this in programming the station. FreeThought Music's only format rule is that the music have a freethought message. I hope you enjoy listening! Please email me with any comments or playlist suggestions.