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world folk music online from Belize Public Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Friends of BPR
Location: Caye Caulker, Belize

Belize Public Radio is like the people of Belize...friendly, intelligent, multicultural, and curious. We want to connect you to the people of Belize, and we use our music programming to draw you into this magical place and its people. Come listen, see, and join us. We have a tremendous amount to offer; from Mayan Heritage sites, to the 2nd longest barrier reef in the world, to our own unique and beautiful Garifuna music. You're not like anyone else, and Belize isn't like any place else! Come join us!
Favorite Artists

Manuel Obregon, Orquesta Papaya
Just the name alone...

Paul Nabor
The Ray Charles of Garifuna music

Orchestra Boabab
Any cut, any time

Grandmaster Leroy Young
A national treasure!

Gillian Welch
One of a kind

Favorite Albums

Orchestra Boabab - Specialists In All Styles
Orchestra Baobab, from Dakar, Senegal are one of West Africa's greatest dance bands of all time.

Grandmaster Leroy Young - Just Like That....
My bread is about to be buttered with jam, now here I am. What more can I say, it's my way. Tit for tat, here's where I'm at, Just like that...

Aurelio Martinez - Garifuna Soul
Heart & Soul might be a better title. Aurelio rocks Garifuna!

Gipsy Kings - Love & Liberte
Strong, tight, & polished to perfection.

Favorite Broadcasters
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