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oldies music online from Full Spectrum Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: fullspectrum
Location: Anjong-ri, Korea, Republic of

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Favorite Artists

Carole King
Epitome of the 70's singer-songwriters. Still my very favorite.

Melissa Etheridge
Modern artist with real soul.

James Brown
The Godfather of Soul!

Favorite Albums

Carole King - Tapestry
Classic good music

James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim
More classic good music

Various Artists - Super Hits of the 70's
Rhino Records. The best collection of all original tunes and artists there is.

Def Leppard - Pyromania
Hey, even I like to rock occasionally. :)

Beatles - Past Masters Collection
The definitive Fab Four!

Favorite Broadcasters

More Music
This is the station I would LIKE to be, great music, professional tags, and great sound.