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fusion music online from FusionGroovin on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: fusiongroovin
Location: Pound Ridge, NY

I'm a software developer who luckily gets to listen to music while coding away. I'm into a lot of musical styles, but a great fusion tune with a kickin' groove is my daily caffeine fix.

For years people would come into my office, hear some very unsmooth jazz and say "What IS that? It's excellent..." This is my attempt to spread that sound.

BTW, my apologies to those of you without a high speed connection -- but the sound quality of less-than-56K MP3's just would not cut it! And to those of you with sub-woofers, I promise to make your purchase worthwhile.

Thanks in advance for your votes and feeback!
Favorite Artists

Michael Landau
Deserves SO MUCH MORE recognition and fame.

Tribal Tech
Their 1999 NYC SOB's show was the best live music I've ever experienced.

Robben Ford
The Taste-Miester

Eric Johnson
The Tone-Miester

Marcus Miller
The Groove-Miester

Favorite Albums

Michael Landau's Live 2000 -
The feel, the sound, The Groove.

Tribal Tech - Reality Check -
More composed than some of their more recent work -- but if Nite Club doesn't just light you up -- I can't help you.

Eric Johnson - Tones -
No irony in this title.

Ford, Colauita, Haslip - Jing Chi -
Run, don't walk, to your favorite CD source and give these three artists the royalties they deserve.

Adam Nitti - Evidence / Balance (tie) -
Some of the funkiest, best sounding, groovin' bass around, driving a great collection of songs.

Favorite Broadcasters

aTTeNTioN sPaN raDiO rocks and inspired me to set up FusionGroovin. Hopefully there's little overlap.

All Bass Radio! has got The Groove...

hashi -- CyberFusion's excellent jazz-fusion station

Killer grooves!

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