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fusion music online from eargasm on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: fuzoid
Location: Fort Worth, TX

I'm a former University of Rhode Island DJ who got bit by the broadcasting bug. I tried the commercial thing for a while... hated it! After a long absence I gravitated to Live365 because of the freedom of being in control of my own playlist and the sound quality of the broadcast. And since I have a rather extensive music collection which continues to grow almost on a daily basis, I decided to share it with y'all. Extensive as it is, it is still limited. So if there is something specific you would like to hear, send me an email and I'll see what I can do. And since this broadcast is always a work in progress, stay tuned for futher developments.

I would be remiss if I do not give mention to T.O. the MoFo, also a former WRIU DJ, for the use of "eargasm" as my station name. Although no longer with WRIU, T.O. can still be heard in all his glory with co-hosts Jay and Uncle B at Eargazm.


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Favorite Artists

Stanley Clarke
Definitely one of the greatest bass players that has ever lived. Then again, let's not forget about Percy Jones, Jaco Pastorius, Brian Bromberg, etc...

Frank Zappa
Do you really need to ask? I mean, c'mon, it's Frank we're talking about here!

Vernon Reid
I first got wind of this outstanding guitarist through his work with Living Color. But it took his work with Jack DeJohnette on "Music for the Fifth World" to fully grab my attention. Ever since I've been a believer.

Another outstanding guitarist! Known for wearing a KFC bucket on his head, this virtuoso is known for his work with Praxis, Les Claypool, Primus, Bernie Worrel, among many others, before going it alone. While I can't say I like every one of his releases, I like enough to include him in this list.

Antonio Vivaldi
That's right, Vivaldi! Although his material is of the classical genre, Vivaldi must have been considered a progressive during his time. Possibly the greatest progressive classical composer of all time!

Favorite Albums

Stanley Clarke - Stanley Clarke/Vertu/School Days
Besides these three, let's not forget Journey To Love, Children of Forever, The Toys of Men, and his acoustic work on the Rites of Strings. Among many others.

Frank Zappa - Waka Jawaka/The Grand Wazoo/Make a Jazz Noise Here
The jazzier side of Frank. But obviously my favorite Zappa releases are not limited to just these three. Actually, take your pick!

Vernon Reid - Mistaken Identity
Music with a story which reveals the multifaceted sides of his talent.

Buckethead - Population Override
I believe this has to be some of the best work ever done by Buckethead. A very vivid portrayal of what could happen with an over populated planet. A premonition perhaps?

Antonio Vavaldi - Four Seasons
Very beautiful music when I'm in the mood to relax. Actually, beautiful music for any mood! Sheer genius!

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