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jazz music online from Jazz from Gallery 41 on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Ron J. Pelletier
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Jazz. America’s one true indigenous art form. Jazz from Gallery 41 features selections that cover the entire evolution of Jazz. From the blues to the far reaching dynamics of the modern and contemporary styles of the present. However, what really makes us unique is our incomparable collection of rare, historical, and uniquely personal conversations I have recorded over the past 30 years with many of the greatest Jazz legends of our generation. Including Shelly Manne, Frank Morgan, Teddy Edwards, Julius Hemphill, Abbey Lincoln, Joseph Jarman, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell, Sam Rivers and many more. We feature interview clips on our broadcasts and website. Visit to learn more about the Gallery 41 archives, how to hear complete versions of the interviews, how to obtain archival prints of the photographs on our site. We will show you how easy we've made it to add the music heard on our broadcasts, and also is available by the artists currently featured on the site. A list that grows constantly as I restore, edit, digitize, and preserve the older analog tapes and continue recording and broadcast live the conversations and performances by the artists who often visit our studios overlooking the San Francisco Bay.