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DJ: Atomm
Location: Dallas, TX

Have you ever seen Almost Famous? It is funny how a movie can spark something in you. Music does the same thing to me. Watching Almost Famous is a look into my world. I am a fan of Music. More than anything, Music is an important part of my life. I spent 6 years working my way from mascot to weekend peon at a great Rock Radio station. I held down a fulltime job, went to school fulltime, worked 2 – 3 weekend shifts at the radio station and once in a while, I got to see my wife. I sacrificed a lot for my love of Music. I finally gave up on being a DJ because something in my life had to give. I took the easy way out. I stopped being a fan. This is my way of bringing back the thing I miss the most, the Music and being around other people who know what it means to be a fan. So, I present my corner of the world to you, where the Music rules and the game is part of the fun. As they say in the movie, Almost Famous, “It will set you free.”
Favorite Artists

A Perfect Circle
Hauntingly eerie, this music compliments Maynards lyrics and vocal style perfectly.

When Corey sings, it is incredible. When he screams, it is attention getting. To see them live, is unlike any other band you have ever seen. Absolutely Awesome!

When produced well, there is no better music. Highly underrated band, especially live.

Avenged Sevenfold
City of Evil grabbed me and has never let go. I can't describe this band. They are like everything I have ever like all rolled up into something freshly unique.

Unlike Metallica, They have stayed true to their roots. Their last album is one of their best.

Favorite Albums

Live - Mental Jewelry
Suprised? Their first album was their best. It made you get up and move. I find something new I like every time I listen to it.

Metallica - Master of Puppets
I never get sick of this album. It was the peak for Metallica. Everything else was down hill.

Avenged Sevenfold - City Of Angles
This album took me by storm. It has elements of everything I enjoy, yet it is something completely new. This album Rocks!

Pearl Jam - 10
What can I say? 10 is an album that defined the 90's and my right of passage out of teenagerhood. To this day, hearing Black breaks my heart all over again.

Sevendust - Animosity
There is something about this album that does not compare to any of their other albums. I never tire of the songs.

Favorite Broadcasters

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