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Amateur radio from a pro enthusiast. Mostly techno with a sprinkle of fun.

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UPDATE (November 25th, 2014) [Just cleaned out some of the tracks you all have voted that you don't like. Looking forward to adding some more new ones this weekend :D Also, gektek Radio is proud to announce that we will be hosting our first ever Toys for Tots toy drive and dance extravaganza. Find out more at ...and THANK YOU!!!!!]

Voting for your favorite tracks on this station DOES make a difference. When I go to buy new music I base my decisions on what styles you have been enjoying. So vote for those tracks! ;) Also, if you like what you hear please become a VIP listener. It supports this great service and makes it just a little bit cheaper for me to do what I do so a poor college kid out won't ya? Thanks for tuning in!