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jazz music online from Forever Cool on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: keith roberts
Location: Palm Springs, CA

I love jazz, and have an extensive jazz collection on CD and vinyl that covers everything from the 50's to the present. My friends have always said that I should have my own radio station and I saw my chance with Live365. I specialize in downtempo jazz from various schools of jazz including Cool Jazz, West Coast Jazz, and Bossa Nova.
Favorite Artists

Mile Davis
If jazz ever had a King he's it.

Dave Brubeck
Classically trained jazz artist of the highest rank.

Bill Evans
Boy genius of jazz that can play a ballad like no one else can.

Paul Desmond
Classic West Coast Jazz at its best...smooth jazz without the elevator.

Kenny Burrell
Jazz guitarist with a cool sound.

Favorite Albums

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
The ultimate jazz album of the ages.

Dave Brubeck - Time Out
The essence of Cool with the track Take Five that got me interested in jazz in the first place.

Bill Evans - Everybody Digs Bill Evans
Everyone needs to hear a ballad now and then and Peace Piece is the ballad to beat all ballads.

Paul Desmond - Falling in Love with Paul Desmond
Classic West Coast smooth as it gets.

Kenny Burrell - Tin Tin Deo
Laid back jazz guitar...the way guitar should be.

Favorite Broadcasters

A wide ranging selection of tracks from Swing to Post excellent jazz station.

Great station that specializes in West Coast Jazz...hmmmm that sounds familiar....

Great classic jazz station with lots of vocal jazz. Check out the incredible web site as well!!

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